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Mission Study Committee Information Page


The Mission Study Committee (MSC) has completed the work and research required to write the mission study report (see tab below). The Mission Study Committee (MSC) which was comprised of 9 individuals; current Session members, members at large and our interim pastor. The purpose of the MSC was to study the past and current culture and health of the congregation and compose a mission and vision statement and define core values to provide direction for the church's future journey. The mission study report was approved by Session and the Committee on Ministry.

A pastor nominating committee (PNC) has since been formed. The task of the PNC is to find a pastor for our church. This process takes anywhere from 12-18 months.

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Conducting a Mission Study

An early step in the transition process was the "mission study," a process of assessing the status of the church. Particularly when a former pastor has been serving for a long time it is helpful to check assumptions by which the congregation has been living: about goals, worship, programs, membership, staffing, and budgets.

The gatherings under the heading "Dreaming the Future" held earlier this year were followed by some focus-group gatherings and questionnaires emailed to a cross-section of members.

Members of the Mission Study Committee

- Session Members -
Lisa Szentes (convener - lcszentes@gmail.com)
Susan Hayman (haymansj@gmail.com)
Bonnie Lind (bklind@cableone.net)
Bob Paris (BParisHI@aol.co)

- Deacon representative -
Emily Boles (deacon - emily@3swords.com)

- At-large member -
Peggy Bohl (peggypaulb@gmail.com)
Cindy Finch(cindyfinch@msn.com)
Ben Sherrill(bnsherrill@clearwire.net)

Role of the Presbytery

Whenever a pastor or associate pastor position becomes vacant in a church of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), the presbytery that has oversight of the ministry of the congregation (in our case, the Presbytery of Boise) guides the process that leads to the calling of a new pastor or associate pastor. This guidance is the responsibility of the Committee on Ministry (COM). A member of that committee is usually appointed as liaison. The Rev. Aaron Beatty, pastor of Boone Memorial Church in Caldwell, is our liaison.

Presbytery Transition Process - an Outline

The process for finding a new pastor includes the following steps:

  • Interim pastoral services
  • Mission Study: with approval of the resulting report by session and COM
  • Election of a Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
  • Writing of a Church Information Form (CIF), making use of information gathered in the mission study and outlining both personal characteristics and ministerial skills expected in the next pastor
  • Receiving applications and Personal Information Forms (the PIF is a form of curriculum vita)
  • Nominating a candidate
  • Election by the congregation and approval by the presbytery
  • Installation of the new pastor

Thematic Condition Statements - Final

The comments collected during the Dreaming the Future gathering on April 9 were studied by the Mission Study Committee and from that information we finalized the current and future desired condition statements as attached. All of the comments collected from congregation members who attended the Dreaming the Future sessions, or folks who sent in their comments, were sorted and sent to the relevant committees for action.

Thematic Condition Statements - FINAL

Mission Study Report - FINAL
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